“Yes I Can”

Our Leadership Lions program is a great choice for giving pre-school age children a fun start in the martial arts. We help set the foundation that will help in basic developmental and physical skills for your 3-5 year old. In addition to helping better your child’s health and fitness, your child will begin to improve his/her self confidence and self esteem. Our highly trained and fun instructors are very enthusiastic and motivated to help your child succeed. Give your child the head start to become a CHAMPION IN LIFE!


  • Improved Listening Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Self Control
  • Improved Motor Skills
  • Self Discipline
  • Respect for Others
  • Development of Healthy Habits
  • Longer Attention Span
  • Improved Concentration
  • Physical Fitness

Click here to watch a video on how
children this age can benefit
from Martial Arts Training.